Exit the Grey

:futurepop: :synthpop: :EBM:


It all started when…


Exit the Grey debuted in a pub basement in Kings Cross, London, on EBM Day 2017 (24 February), but the story starts much earlier…

Exit the Grey began as an online radio show on Live365 in 2007 which discontinued a few years later. Frustrated by a decline of synthpop, futurepop and EBM being played in alternative clubs in London Victoria Fenbane decided to put on a night playing those genres for her birthday. It was intended to be part personal indulgence, part experiment. The night a attended by many others who also love those genre, and they filled the dace floor solidly all night, also filling the venue to capacity. Exit the Grey was born!

In 2018 the night moved to a bigger venue due to outgrowing the basement, We also put on our second live event in 2018.

In 2019 Exit the Grey has moved to the heart of Camden Town, where we will be playing our usual mix of of modern synthpop, EBM and futurepop, with a hint of minimal synth and dark techno . Expect to hear synthetic, melodic, lyric driven tunes you can't help but dance to. Our music policy is to focus on modern sounds, but also feature the best from across the history of the genres.