Exit the Grey

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(c) Stéphane Lord

(c) Stéphane Lord

Victoria Fenbane

Victoria has been DJing since 1999. She specialises in synthpop, EBM, goth and industrial.

Promoting musical artists is her passion, and motivation behind promoting DJ nights and live shows.

Past DJ residencies prior to Exit the Grey been Nightmare (Nottingham) and Slimelight (London). She founded the London DJ nights Departure and Schattenspiel. Departure of the precuror to Exit the Gre, while 'Schattenspiel' is a folk/mittlealter/metal/gothic night is currently on hiatus.

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Simon Briggs

Resident DJ Exit the Grey(London)& Delete Yourself(Manchester,UK)

•Ex-Resident DJ at the world famous Slimelight (London)

•Founder of the famous Deadstars (Bradford,UK)

•Ex-resident DJ BEATNATION (Ghent,BE)

•Blitzark (Brussels,BE)

He has also guested at Infest festival UK, Inferno Club (London), Underworld & Second Skin (Athens,GR) & clubs from Düsseldorf, NY to Tokyo ...

Simon has forgot more scene bands than you have likely heard of !!